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Resources of National Hydrometric Program

Water Survey of Canada

Read about the Water Survey of Canada, the national authority responsible for the collection, interpretation and dissemination of standardized water quantity data and information in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to questions frequently asked about hydrometric monitoring, real-time data and the data products that are available.

Hydrometric Data and Information Service Standards

View service standards which state the level of performance that Canadians and their institutions can reasonably expect.

WSC Operational Documentation

Water Survey of Canada Standard Operating Procedures can be found at by searching for “hydrometric”. You can find our most recent publications by sorting by year.

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators

Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) measure the progress of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, report on the state of the environment, and progress on environmental sustainability issues.

Water-related links

Access Environment Canada websites and sites of other agencies in the area of water resource management.

Ice Conditions Warning

Consult the guidelines on the use of real-time data under ice conditions.

National Hydro Network

Access the National Hydro Network (NHN) which provides a geometric description and a set of basic attributes describing Canada's inland surface waters.

Site Map

Site map of the Wateroffice site.

Disclaimer for Hydrometric Information

Disclaimer for using real-time and historical water level and flow (discharge) information.

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