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Historical Hydrometric Data Map Search


The map search is not optimized for extra small screen. As an alternative, the Station Search is available.

Map Legend

light orange marker in the shape of a balloon - check mark Active Station
light grey marker in the shape of a balloon - X Discontinued Station
dark orange marker in the shape of a tree - check mark Active Station (Seasonal)
dark grey marker in the shape of a tree - X Discontinued Station (Seasonal)


More Info on Station Marker Locations

Clicking the station marker will open an info window for the selected station.

Please note that more data may be available on one of our partner websites.

Note that the full map cannot be printed using the browser's print function. Please use screen capture to print the map.

Map Controls

Move north by small increments
Up arrow
Move south by small increments
Down arrow
Move west by small increments
Left arrow
Move east by small increments
Right arrow
Move north by large increments
Page Up
Move south by large increments
Page Down
Move west by large increments
Move east by large increments
Zoom in
Zoom out
Activate Map mode
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