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Please note there has been a delay in the publication of some new data to the Historical archive. New data may not include annual statistics such as peaks and extremes at this time; these will be published as soon as possible. The twenty-fourth release of the HYDAT.mdb and the nineteenth release of Hydat.sqlite3 dated on November 4, 2020 are now available. WSC is currently acquiring the GNSS data required to provide conversion factors to the datum CGVD2013 epoch 2010. Conversion factors in some areas may already be available, but will not be published on WaterOffice until approximately Summer 2021. For any questions relating to existing or new datum conversions, please send a request to indicating the station(s) or region of interest and we will provide this information directly if available. Thank you for your patience as we modernize our systems.

Water Level and Flow

Real-time hydrometric data

Explore real-time water level and flow (discharge) data collected at over 1900 hydrometric stations across Canada.

Historical hydrometric data

Explore historical water level and flow (discharge) data collected at over 7700 hydrometric stations across Canada.

Hydrometric Station and Network Data

Access station and network metadata (such as station name, location, drainage area, data type, gauge type, stream order).

Tools and Downloads

Download freely-available hydrometric data products and hydrological modelling tools.


Learn about the federal-provincial/territorial and international partnerships of the national hydrometric program.


Learn about the Water Survey of Canada, and access other websites related to water data or water resource management.

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