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Water Level and Flow

Real-time hydrometric data

Search by station name, station number, or location for real-time unit values or provisional daily mean values of water level and discharge data. Refine your search by data or station attributes. Results will be in list format.

Historical hydrometric data

Explore historical daily water level and flow (discharge) data collected at over 7900 hydrometric stations across Canada.

Hydrometric Station and Network Data

Access station and network metadata (such as station name, location, drainage area, data type, gauge type, stream order).

Tools and Downloads

Download freely-available hydrometric data products and hydrological modelling tools.


Learn about the federal-provincial/territorial and international partnerships of the national hydrometric program.


Learn about the Water Survey of Canada, and access other websites related to water data or water resource management.

News and Events

  • National Hydrometric Network Basin Polygons
  • Wateroffice Release
  • HYDAT Release
  • Height Modernization Status

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