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National Hydrometric Network Basin Polygons

NHS is pleased to announce the preliminary release of a new dataset of drainage basin polygons. The GIS dataset contains the watershed boundaries for over 6000 of the 7896 active and discontinued hydrometric stations across Canada. New stations will continue to be added over the coming months. Further information is available at:

Wateroffice Release

The National Hydrological Services of Canada (NHS) is pleased to announce that the Wateroffice release 52 was published on March 6, 2024.

Below are some change requests which have been addressed in this release:

HYDAT Release

The new releases of the HYDAT.mdb and Hydat.sqlite3 dated on January 16, 2024 are now available.

Height Modernization Status

NHS is currently acquiring the GNSS data required to provide conversion factors to the datum CGVD2013 epoch 2010. Conversion factors will be published on WaterOffice as they become available. Thank you for your patience as we modernize our systems.

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