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Station Reference Index

Stations listed WITH an active hyperlink (example - 07NB001) have Hydrometric data such as, Real-time Unit Values, Historical Daily Values or limited additional information. Hyperlinks will direct users to the data that is available.

Stations listed WITHOUT an active hyperlink (example - 07NA002) DO NOT have any additional Hydrometric data or information available.

Use the Station Number Index or the Station Name Index to search for stations within the Station Reference Index.

This table provides station metadata with stream order information.
Station Number Water Course Latitude Longitude Gross Drainage Area (km2) Effective Drainage Area (km2)
10MA001 .PEEL RIVER ABOVE CANYON CREEK 65°53'33" N 136°02'17" W 25,500
10MA002 ..OGILVIE RIVER AT KILOMETRE 197.9 DEMPSTER HIGHWAY 65°21'45" N 138°17'50" W 5,410
10MA003 ..BLACKSTONE RIVER NEAR CHAPMAN LAKE AIRSTRIP 64°54'05" N 138°16'33" W 1,180
10MB004 ..BONNET PLUME RIVER ABOVE GILLESPIE CREEK 64°44'54" N 133°40'50" W 3,760
10MB001 ..SNAKE RIVER ABOVE IRON CREEK 65°14'45" N 133°24'10" W 2,770
10MB003 ..SNAKE RIVER NEAR THE MOUTH 65°58'13" N 134°02'08" W 8,910

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