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CSV Format Description

CSV file format stores data in plain-text form, separated by commas

Station Number

The unique 7-character station identification, in the format ddaaddd, where

Station Number

The official name for station identification


The provincial, territorial or state code in which the station is published


Flag to indicate the status of a hydrometric data collection program at a station


Positions are presented in decimal degrees with latitudes north of the equator represented as positive values and longitudes east of the Prime Meridian represented as positive values

Year From/Year To

Period of record, in the format yyyy

Gross Drainage Area

The total surface area that drains to the gauge site, in km2

Effective Drainage Area

The portion of the drainage basin that contributes runoff to the gauge site, calculated by subtracting any non-contributing portion from the gross drainage area, in km2


A flag indicating whether the flow is regulated or not

Data Type

Identification of the data type: Flow, Level, or Flow and Level

Operation Schedule

The schedule of station operation for data collection


Flag to indicate the status of a sediment data collection program at a station


Flag to indicate a Reference Hydrometric Basin Network station

Real Time

Flag to indicate if a station has the capacity to deliver data in real-time or near real-time

Datum Name

The name of the datum that water levels are referred to

Publishing Office

The WSC office which is responsible for publishing the data for a station

Operating Agency

The agency that operates a station


Flag to indicate if a station’s data are contributed by an operating agency which is not Water Survey of Canada

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